Sunday, June 03, 2007


jenn left a comment yesterday to let me know that the high in kamloops for today was/is 36 degrees. ouch. that is h.o.t. so i'm coming back with a little "in-yo-face" attitude to let the entire world (yes, i labour under the delusion that the entire world reads my blog but is just too shy to comment) know that our high for wednesday of this week is supposedly going to be 18 degrees! 18!! that is like....warm! ya! i'm getting the capris out already. and the flipflops.


ps - i should add that we currently have a severe frost warning in effect. i'm not kidding.

pps - due to a glitch on the weather network website (and the tv apparently according to vernon) our morning temperature for tomorrow was being listed as -45 with a wind chill of -65. they've since fixed it. but we laughed. sort of. nervously.

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