Saturday, June 02, 2007


1. paula emailed and reminded me of bob ross and the joy of painting - how we loved bob and his almighty mountains and happy trees. she emailed this link to a list of tshirts that bob sells on his website....the ultimate in kitsch!

2. michelle walked over to borrow my car and it's so cold she was wearing her toque. it's extremely windy and about 10 degrees...and spitting rain....good thing she was wearing her 3 ply gortex. i am extremely tired of this weather.

3. the leaves are barely out on the trees. flowers are blooming, but only tulips on the sunny sides of streets are blooming yet. the others are still tightly closed in protest.

4. i'm still studying. hating every second of it. only 2 weeks to go.

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Jenn F said...

Just wanted to let you know that the forecast for June 3 is 36 degrees. I picked my first radishes out of the garden June 2.