Friday, July 27, 2007

a good day for a hike

today i drove 3 hours to go on a 2 hour hike. somehow, that didn't seem odd to me. could be my bc upbringing and how in order to get really "out" of the lower mainland you're looking at a good 3 hours in a car anyway. regardless, the drive was fantastic, the hike magnificent, and the scenery spectacular.

i saw a chipmunky squirrell thing, a few dead foxes and eleventy billion jellyfish. other than that, nature stayed away from me. too bad. i was looking for whales.

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Julian said...

sounds divine. As odd as it sounds we need no more than about an hour and a half to be completely buried in the Canadian Shield along hundreds of little hiking paths. Or, 2 hours in the other direction and you're in the middle of a real honest-to-goodness Manitoba desert. I think we try to get away from Canada too much. There is a lifetime of discovery here without need for a passport.