Thursday, August 02, 2007

i came across this site while poking around the net looking for locally grown food ideas here in NL. it's a great idea and i'd love to try it. using their "find your 100 miles" calculator it seems that my 100 miles gets me over 50% open ocean and the land that i do have to eat off of is the rockiest of rocky Avalon peninsula. i know there is local meat here, a ton of seafood, berries.... some veg although that's a tough one.... canning would have to be involved.... no grain though... not even grain other than wheat (i don't know that 100% but this IS a big rock with no farmland. there is a reason why these people live on salt fish and .... salt fish.

something to consider though.

AND - big EXCITING news. you all need to go to this podcast and listen. in this game, "circles of mosquitos", when Sage says "and Jennifer created this soundscape"... she's talking about ME. ya. that's right. i'm gettin' involved. (the link is to the specific episode - oh, and it's only, like, 6 minutes long so yes you do have time to listen.)

ya. i rock.

oh, and i passed my exam. woo.


Julian said...

HEY - WAY TO GO on the exam. This was the one you were convinced you sucked on right? Let that be a lesson to you :-)

The kayaking sounds great too.

Jenny said...

Hey - Bravo on the exam!!!!